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Forced belly inflation (Read description)

First time being force inflated, thoughts? Inspiration and model from Inflator Belly: be/NpnHn32yRv0.

New perspectives- huge belly air inflation

I wanted to try something new with the camera angle, and in a few takes quickly turned into the biggest inflation I've ever done.

Water Inflation Again

2.5 Liter Forced Belly Bloat/Male Belly Water Inflation / with an Aquarium Pump air inflation. I hooked up a gallon of water to my air ...

Belly Inflation Story

Male belly inflation / Aquarium Pump double air inflation I took creative liberty to make a story out of an inflation. The idea is that ...

Eva belly inflation (credit for @modnar yug)

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There's a surprising limit to how much the human stomach can hold

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Air belly inflation 02

5' 7'' 123 lbs instagram: infochan112.

Fav Belly Inflation Images

some of these are by Axel-Rosered, idk the rest.

Air belly inflation 01

instagram: infochan112.

Two part Quick belly inflation, part 2

Of course, this video is right after the instant porridge video. And of course, I like the result of that, but I wanted to get bigger.

How to Get a Big Belly (EDUCATIONAL)

This video should hopefully be helpful if you're a beginner who is wondering how to do the kinds of things I do that result in my big ...

Air belly inflation Subliminal

A subliminal to inflate your belly with air Discord: gg/tXcpWD7.

[Sparkalloon Archive] Yoshi Inflation

Another Sparkalloon upload, and it's Yoshi!! Before watching this: Can Yoshi be a big balloon? After watching this: Oh Yes.

Twilight Sparkle Inflation Spell

"The Squeaky End of Twilight Sparkle" Audio made by and some clips sampled from audio made by ...

air belly inflation (quick)

hey guys. sorry it's been a minute but i've been a little busy. i've gotten so much good feedback from my other video i want to post ...